Visual Debug Tool

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This is a ‘live’ WonderWare screen shot with a sketch of an unload station. Green squares represent active sensors (proxy ON). Gray ones are off. Blue triangle is an active air valve representing direction of the force. Above and near the sensors and valves are wire numbers. Active sequence steps are lit yellow, note ‘Done’ in the sequence list.
Visual Debug 01
This certainly beats any ‘message based’ diagnostic system and is way simpler. Suppose the sensor 5000 (top right) is off and the valve 8020 is on. What does it mean? Indeed, the picture is worth thousand diagnostic messages.

It is even possible to ‘move’ objects on the screen to achieve full animation of the machine, though one can argue usefulness of that bearing in mind that the PC is actually located near the machine.
Visual 4

Online SPC

Theoretically it is possible to stop a line (machine) before it starts making rejects. Based on several statistical rules we can detect various machine drifts and raise an alarm although all the parts that a machine is making are still good.

For this we would normally use a readily available SCADA package with the SPC module, like WonderWare with SPC Pro.
SPC alarm lists bunch of rules we can use to generate an alarm and stop the machine.


Spc Alarms


Thomas M. Data Pump Updates

Listed below are the latest office versions of Thomas M. Data Pump programs.

  1. Start with Common Components.
  2. Unzip files into: c:\ (root of the “c” drive) and preserve the FULL PATH for the installation.
  3. Files are encrypted, your system administrator knows the password.
Item Line – Project Version Date
1. Common Components 2.6 August 2008
2. Pilot 4122 10.81 August 2008
3. Solenoid 4122 10.81 August 2008
4. On-Off 4122 10.81 August 2008