damir-avatar-3 Focused on cyber security management: information security governance, risk management and cyber security program design, with a particular passion for incident response. Incidents do, and will, happen. However, it is possible to respond in an orderly manner and prevent crisis and disasters; preparation helps a lot. Organizations can be resilient to cyber-related events.
As for other experience: worked on data governance and in business intelligence. Designed and managed data warehouses and databases for large websites; created dynamic pricing systems. Built data collection and reporting for manufacturing lines. Designed industrial control systems, programmed PLCs and SCADA. Designed and built digital and analog electronic circuits, controls for various machinery, autopilots for ships and submersibles. For fun, I like to design information: take a look at my Stack Overflow profile.
Live in Toronto, Ontario.

Contact: damir-dot-sudarevic-at-gmail-dot-com