Simple & reliable

A Pac. Sci. 6420 stepper indexer/drive “died” yesterday. Rare occasion, this one was installed ten years ago. Ten years with 12 seconds cycle time—not bad at all. It took us some time to get organized; lots has changed in the last ten years. Pacific Scientific is now part of Danaher Motion, the communication software runs in DOS; where is that manual? Fortunately the manual is still on the web and all you need is windows HyperTerminal set to 9600, N, 8, 1 in order to use the mnemonic language. Forget the DOS thing. Cycle power and press [ESC] [Space] to establish communications. By the way, my favourite stepper drive.

Identifying active IP addresses

When connecting a new device to a machine with Ethernet, it is important not to stumble on an already existing IP address. The easiest way to check is to use a scanning tool. Google search for “IP scanner” returns quite a few results. Here is a screen-shot of a typical one. Strongly recommended for maintenance to keep on their laptops.

IP Scanner