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Simple & reliable

A Pac. Sci. 6420 stepper indexer/drive “died” yesterday. Rare occasion, this one was installed ten years ago. Ten years with 12 seconds cycle time—not bad at all. It took us some time to get organized; lots has changed in the last ten years. Pacific Scientific is now part of Danaher Motion, the communication software runs in DOS; where is that manual? Fortunately the manual is still on the web and all you need is windows HyperTerminal set to 9600, N, 8, 1 in order to use the mnemonic language. Forget the DOS thing. Cycle power and press [ESC] [Space] to establish communications. By the way, my favourite stepper drive.

Identifying active IP addresses

When connecting a new device to a machine with Ethernet, it is important not to stumble on an already existing IP address. The easiest way to check is to use a scanning tool. Google search for “IP scanner” returns quite a few results. Here is a screen-shot of a typical one. Strongly recommended for maintenance to keep on their laptops.

IP Scanner

RF Tag Header

When replacing a RF tag on a pallet, it is important to initialize the header properly. You may find that installing a tag without initialization may work, however it will no longer be possible to track rejects vs pallet number. One of the most useful reports will not be accurate any more.

So, as a reminder, here is an example from the knowledge base.